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Monday, 18 January 2016 04:48
Published in Equipment

What We Use

Here at TBC, we use a taped tennis ball as the bowlers main weapon of choice for the backyard.
Due to the short nature of the pitch and small size of the ground a tennis ball suits the WCG perfectly on match day.
Taping the tennis ball ensures some vital swing for the seam bowlers.

Other Alternatives

  • Incredi-ball
    The Incredi-ball is the ball of choice when playing on a more lengthy wicket with a bit more space in the backyard.
  • Soft Plastic/ Wind-Ball
    For when you need a bit more bounce out of the ball and there are a few dangerously placed windows in the backyard.
  • Foam Ball
  • Six Stitcher
  • "Swing King"

How To Tape A Backyard Cricket Ball

  • Step 1
    Tape 1/2 the tennis ball by doing....
  • Step 2
    Then do this......
  • Step 3
    Next use the tape to make....
  • Step 4
    And it should result in something like this...

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